Green Initiaves in Everything we do...

Goldchip projects: Mining & Technology


Goldchip Investments has been conducting active exploration of the Sunrise 60 Concession since April 2014 and continues to date. Roughly 11 months have been spent in the field. From this exploration activity positive results have been obtained. Reef gold has been found in two shafts. In addition to the reef gold, alluvial rubble has been  identified within the concession. The zones host visible gold from surface sampling. It is interpreted that the reef gold zones are, at least in part, the source rock for the alluvial gold.Extrapolation of current data indicates a probable mine life of ~ 8.5 years. This does not include the northern 1/3 of the concession nor the potential for additional mineralization of copper and iron ore in this area.


Develop, Implement, & Enhance ICT Initiatives.

Mobile Telephony solutions, Information and Communications Technologies, Broadband Fixed & Wireless Development & Implementation.

Implement Green Initiatives
  1. Incorporate principles of sustainability into each of our business decisions.
  2. Supply environmentally friendly products or services that replace demand for nongreen products and/or services
  3. Promote green education.
  4. Make a enduring commitment to environmental principles in its business operations.
Develop Web Properties & Brand Awareness for Strategic Partners
  1. Promote Open Source Solutions, Training and Software to the corporate and consumer market sector
  2. Help to enable marketers to quantify levels and trends in consumer knowledge and awareness of a brand’s existence
  3. Make ICT contributions to the community
  4. Provide all services, solutions, and training at a competitive cost to become the market leader.
Promote/Assist in Community Service, Job Training, & Social Responsibility
  1. Behave ethically and contribute to economic development as well as the local community and society at large
  2. Contribute to the improvement in the quality of life in the workforce and their families
  3. Commit to making  community service contributions to the community
  4. Ensure a two point agenda- to improve qualitatively (the management of people and processes) and quantitatively (the impact on society).